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College of Science and Mathematics

It's all about our students

Student Research Highlights

In the College of Science and Mathematics, students work closely with professors on their ongoing, real-world research projects. Last summer, more than 200 students from all seven undergraduate majors in the college participated in real-world research projects. Students undertook a wide array of investigations, from computing the theoretical properties of black holes to investigating carbon nanotubes that may be of use in biomedical applications. Three of the projects are highlighted below.

Zach Petrek and his research poster

Chemistry Students Compute Ways to Stop Viruses

"Computational characterization of molecular interactions" isn't a phrase you hear every day, but someday, it might keep you from getting sick. Chemistry Professor Ashley McDonald and her students are using computers to study HIV in hopes of learning how to stop the virus from reproducing.

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Student taking infrared video

Statistics Students Take Infrared Video of the Moon

Cal Poly statistics students may have been the first in the world to take thermal, infrared, digital video of the moon from Earth's surface. Flir Systems Inc. donated an infrared video camera that students connected to a telescope. They then took the telescope system to White Mountain Research Center near Bishop, Calif., and spent the month of August recording the surface temperature of the moon.

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Doing research in lab

Biology Students Do Hands-On Genetic Research

Biology Professor Sandi Clement is a huge fan of messenger RNA (mRNA), which means the students in her lab Learn by Doing hands-on genetic research that might contribute to future treatments of autoimmune disorders.


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