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College of Science and Mathematics

Enhancing lives through learning, discovery and innovation

Students in different research fields.

Real-World Research

Students can study the history of the Earth’s crust in Greenland, smash sub-atomic particles in Switzerland, or adapt video games for paralyzed players in San Luis Obispo.

Faculty Mentors

Working closely with faculty members, students participate in ongoing research projects that have a real impact in the world. Student contributions could change the way ocean ecosystems are managed or lead to the development of cost-effective biofuels.

Interaction with the Scientific Community

Cal Poly science and math students not only perform research but also communicate it to their peers and the scientific community by co-authoring academic papers and presenting at regional and national conferences. In addition, the college hosts a student research conference each spring.

Centers, Institutes and Research Programs

The college's centers and institutes provide a home for much of the research done in the college as well as a structure for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Student computing on a boat

Center for Coastal Marine Sciences (CCMS)

CCMS promotes and facilitates basic and applied interdisciplinary studies of coastal marine systems for the purpose of addressing environmental concerns and fostering hands-on student learning through discovery and outreach.

Learn more about CCMS

Professor Himelblau teaching DNA to young students

Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education (CESAME)

CESAME's mission is to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, teacher education and professional development, and the workforce pipeline in California with attention to diversity, inclusivity, and equity.CESAME leads the state in the development and implementation of model teacher education and professional development programs.

Learn more about CESAME

Beaker with orange chemical inside

Center for Applications in Biotechnology (CAB)

The mission of the CAB (formerly the Environmental Biotechnology Institute) is to develop and applymolecular and biological tools to give students hands-on experience with problem-solving and research skills relevant to diverse industries.

Learn more about CAB

Student and fisherman examining caught fish

San Luis Obispo Science and Ecosystem Alliance (SLOSEA)

SLOSEA's vision is a healthy, resilient coastal ecosystem that provides for thriving and interacting populations of plant, animal and human communitiesfrom Cape San Martin to Point Conception.

Learn more about SLOSEA

Student serving food for STRIDE Hunger Study

Center for Health Research

The Center for Health Research's mission is to advance knowledge and practice in obesity prevention by conducting cutting edge research, fostering collaborative partnerships between faculty, students and community and providing real-life learning experiences to develop the next generation of leaders.

Learn more about CHR

Female student mixing chemicals

Kenneth N. Edwards Western Coatings Technology Center (WCTC)

The Kenneth N. Edwards Western Coatings Technology Center, part of the Center for Science and Mathematics, will expand efforts in industry-sponsored research by providing a place for creative students to learn and do important, real-world research with their faculty and industry mentors.

Learn more about WCTC

Centers and Institutes Quick Directory

Center Office Phone (805) Email Web site
Center for Excellence in STEM Education 25-129 756-2126
Center for Coastal Marine Sciences 25-231 756-2988
San Luis Obispo Science and Ecosystem Alliance 25-341 756-6068
Center for Applications in Biotechnology 43A-451 756-6103
Kenneth N. Edwards Western Coatings Technology Center 25-131 756-2395
Center for Health Research 43-A57 756-6447

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